How to Find a Career Mentor

It’s a fact: Everyone needs advice from time to time. When it comes to your career, a mentor can help be your guide and advise you. A career mentor can share expertise, help you set goals, guide you through fixing problems and more. Finding a career mentor to help you can be a challenge, through. Learn how to find a career mentor and start charting your path toward career success.

Finding a career mentor boils down to connecting with someone who motivates you. There are many ways to find a career mentor. You can find a career mentor through exploring your professional connections and your social network. Learn more about mentoring relationships and finding a mentor.

What are the Benefits of a Career Mentor?

Your career mentor can be a valuable resource. There are many benefits to a mentoring relationship. Some of these benefits include:
  • Increased confidence
  • Help organizing career goal
  • Assistance gaining better control of your career
  • Education in important career skills like communication, accepting feedback and leadership skills
  • Growth in interpersonal relationships and skills
  • Important networking contacts
  • Career path guidance
In a mentoring relationship, a more seasoned professional can help guide a younger professional toward career success.

Why is Working with a Mentor a Good Idea?

There are a number of reasons why working with a mentor is a good idea. By working with a mentor, you can experience growth. A mentor can challenge your thinking and expose you to new ideas. Additionally, your mentor can serve as a source wisdom when you need the. A mentor can be your personal advocate when you need someone to have your back.
By working with a mentor, a young professional can grow from the guidance of a more seasoned professional. Together you can navigate career ups and downs.

How to Find a Career Mentor

The first step in finding a career mentor is knowing where you’d like to be in your career path. Do you need help with a job search? Are you trying to land a dream job? Looking to expand your leadership skills? Before you tap a potential mentor, you need to know what you need help achieving.

After you identify what you’d like your mentor to help with, it’s time to analyze your personal and professional network. Chances are you already know someone who would be a great mentor.

You might find someone who has overcome similar challenges who could serve as a potential mentor. Someone who has a successful career in your chosen profession might also serve as a great potential mentor. You might choose a mentor more senior to you.

It is wise to consider current and former colleagues, family members, friends and other contacts. Look through your connections on LinkedIn for potential mentors. It might be wise to think outside the box when you’re trying to find a career mentor.

Other places you can look for a mentor in your network include:
  • Alumni directories
  • Social media
  • Professional associations
  • Industry conferences and events
  • Volunteer events
  • Clubs and groups
One thing to look for in a potential mentor is someone who has overcome obstacles similar to yours. As an example, you might choose a mentor who is a dynamic speaker if you are struggling with presentations. You might find your mentor at a Toastmasters meeting or as a presenter at a conference you attend.

After you’ve figured out who you’d like to be your mentor, it’s time to speak up and ask for help. Don’t expect your potential mentor to agree to a coaching relationship. You might have to ask more than one mentor for help before you find a relationship that works for you.

It’s important to remember that mentoring relationships are two way streets. The most successful mentors and mentees learn from each other and can apply their new knowledge toward personal growth.

When you work with a career mentor, you are working with someone who can help you grow and achieve more in your career. Find a career mentor, build a relationship and enjoy the success that follows.

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