Job Search Strategies

Are you looking for a career? There’s more to your job search than applying online and waiting for a call back. In fact, you need a strategy to land a job in today’s market. Today’s most successful career seekers have a variety of job search strategies in their toolkit.

From building a personal brand to targeting your dream company, there are a number of job search strategies you can engage to stand out in the crowd and land the job you want. Try our job search strategies to make the most of your job search.

Strategy 1: Use a Customized Resumé

Your resume isn’t a one-and-done process. Instead of thinking as a resume as a list of education and accomplishments, the most successful job seekers think of a resume as a document that shows how well they match up with the job opening requirements.

If you have the skills the employer is looking for, display them on your resume. This means it is wise to make a customized resume for each position to which you apply. Using a customized, targeted resume and cover letter means that the hiring manager will immediately see how well suited you are for the position. This will increase your chances of getting the interview.

Strategy 2: Build Your Personal Brand Online

Your online presence speaks for you before you get a chance to speak for yourself. Build your personal brand online by taking advantage of networking social media profiles on LinkedIn and other channels.

Networking sites like LinkedIn rank high on search engine result pages. This means that when an employer searches for your name, they’ll come across your profile. This will give recruiters, human resources representatives and potential employers a professional impression. It can show them that you are a candidate they should be interested in working with.

Strategy 3: Search for the Right Jobs

Searching the job boards for positions can be overwhelming. That’s why when searching for jobs, you should search by keywords and location. Consider using a potential job title as a keyword. A skill you possess and want to use on the job is also a good keyword option. Narrow down the results by location.

Focusing on your search criteria and narrowing them will help you save time. It will also help you find jobs most relevant to you, while helping you avoid those that don’t apply to you. This can help make applying for jobs easier.

Strategy 4: Use Your Network

You’ve probably heard it one hundred times: When it comes to landing a job, it’s all in who you know instead of what you know. Networking is an important part of your job search strategy. When you’re looking for work or looking to change careers, it is wise to connect with everyone you know.

Look for networking events to attend. Browse websites like to find networking events. Look for events held by your local Chamber of Commerce. Consider joining a group like Toastmasters to network and learn a new skill. Job seekers can find many opportunities to flex their networking muscles.

Strategy 5: Nail the Interview

Your resume got your notices. Your social profiles got their attention. Now it’s time for an interview. One of the most important job search strategies is acing the interview. How can you ace the interview? It all boils down the preparation.

Do your homework before the interview. Research the company. Have a mock interview with a good friend or spouse and practice answering common interview questions. Dress for success. Do everything you can to impress the interviewer with your skills, experience, education and acumen.

When armed with the right job search strategies, you can land your dream job. Make a plan and let a strategic job search work for you.

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