How to Find a Company with Good Culture

In today’s world, job seekers are more intent than ever to find a company with a good culture. Going to work every day for a paycheck doesn’t cut it anymore. Employees want to enjoy going to work and feel valued. Companies are working hard to create and maintain a positive culture. When searching for a job, there are some key ways to figure out a company’s culture.

To find a company with good culture look at how they present themselves. Companies with good culture should actively promote their positive working environment and be able to explain it. Job seekers should also speak to past and current employees, read online reviews and ask specific questions during the interview.

How Long Does It Take To Find The Companies CultureHow Long Does it Take to Find the Company’s Culture?

Employers should put an emphasis on portraying a positive public image. This creates a sense of trust and garners goodwill from customers. As part of the overall public perception, companies also need to highlight a positive workplace culture. Doing this will attract the best talent available.

You’ll often see companies promote their desired image in their outbound marketing, such as tv, radio, or billboard ads. However, you can also find this on your own through digital platforms, including a company’s website and social media channels. On a website, this could be included in the company’s about us, careers, or other similar section. Through social media, look through recent posts and videos to see if a positive work environment is highlighted.

If it’s quick and easy to find examples of a company’s positive culture, it may be an indication of their commitment. The opposite can be assumed if it’s difficult to find evidence of a good culture. Also, be aware of how much of the content is telling you about their culture rather than showing you. For example, if you’re only able to find videos of executives talking about the workplace culture, rather than reading success stories or seeing other lower level employees, this may be a bad sign.

Of course, all of the content published by a company to promote an image is self-chosen. Just because an employer says they have a good culture, doesn’t mean it’s true. This is why it’s important to include other research in our job search process.

Using Company Review Sites

There is no shortage of employer review websites to use during the job search process. Glassdoor, Indeed, and Great Place to Work are a few of the more popular sites. You can certainly have a quick look at a company’s overall star rating. However, there are some tips that you can use to dig deeper and get a better picture of a company’s culture.

  • Find reviews submitted by employees in the position you’re seeking. If you’re looking for a software developer opening, a review from a sales account executive won’t be completely helpful. The two positions are in the same company, but their experiences may be vastly different since culture can often vary within different departments of a company. Locating a review from someone in the position you’re looking for will give you a better idea of the experience for someone that specific role


  • Be on the lookout for fraudulent reviews. A handful of employers have “strongly encouraged” employees to leave reviews. The argument from some companies is that they simply want more feedback from their employees. Either way, you can decide for yourself. When filtering through reviews for a particular company, sort the reviews by date. If you notice an unusual spike in reviews for a specific month and they all use similar language, this may be a sign of a forceful company initiative.
  • Go beyond the initial star rating. More and more of these review sites are offering a detailed star rating system. This often breaks down the overall rating for a company into different sections that can include pay, benefits, management, and culture. If culture is at the top of your list and you’re willing to sacrifice in other areas, look for high ratings for culture.
  • Look for recent reviews- Change is inevitable within the business world. Sometimes this means a dramatic change in management and culture. When looking at reviews, sort them by most recent date. If a company has an overall 4 to 5-star rating, but many recent reviews are lower, this can indicate a negative change.


Is It Okay To Connect with Employees Before An InterviewIs it Ok to Connect With Employees Before an Interview?

Social media has given us unprecedented access to information and people. This access can be used during your job search. After you find examples of the company’s culture and read reviews, you may be unsure or just want further confirmation. As job seekers we can do this by connecting with current and past employees through social media, but should we?

It’s ok to connect with employees before an interview when it’s done in an appropriate manner. Ask open-ended and specific questions related to the culture of the company. Don’t ask too many questions and stay away from anything confidential. You want to come off as professional and polite.

One strategy that’s effective is to contact employees that are at different stages of their time with the company. Contact one employee that is new to the company, another that been there between 5 and 10 years, and another that has been employed for over 20 years. The different perspectives that you get can give you a more complete picture of how culture is perceived by employees.

Questions To Ask To Determine Company CultureQuestions to Ask to Determine Company Culture

Even after you’ve done all of the research above, decided to go for the job, and landed the interview, there’s still work to be done. The interview is typically the last opportunity to assess company culture before you make a decision. In addition to examining your surroundings and looking for happy employees, there are some specific questions you can ask during your interview that will confirm the culture of the business:


  • How do you recognize employee accomplishments?
  • Can you tell me how team members interact with one another?
  • What is the relationship like between management and staff?
  • What would most employees say they enjoy about working here?
  • How does the company help employees achieve a positive work-life balance?


If a hiring manager can’t provide definitive answers to these questions, exercise caution. This might signal that great company culture isn’t fully integrated.

Have you used other strategies or tools to find a company with a good culture after college graduation? Did you use our strategies and have success? Leave a comment below and start a conversation.


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