Career Success Stories

From changing careers along the way to landing a first civilian job after time in the military, you’ll find a number of career success stories at R+L Global Logistics.

Employees of R+L Global Logistics enjoy a welcoming company culture, flexible scheduling and more. Learn more about R+L Global Logistics through our career success stories below.


    Settlement Clerk II
    After serving in the U.S. Air Force, Jamerica D. was seeking out a job with flexible hours and a job description matching her skills. She found R+L Global Logistics and was sold.

    “The atmosphere during my interview felt inviting,” Jamerica said. “My first thought was that i could ‘build’ myself here.”

    She certainly has built a career for herself with R+L Global. She’s earned several promotions and has held a number of titles within the company. Starting out as an Operations Admin, Jamerica has also served as Settlement Clerk I and II and a coordinator before her current position as Settlement Clerk III. Her career success story proves that R+L Global Logistics offers its employees room to grow and advance in their careers.

    When asked about her growth, Jamerica said that she is committed to success at R+L Global.

    “My character is loyal,” she said. “When thinking of switching companies and starting over, the thought didn't fit who I am as a person. I've watched employees leave this company only to reapply at a later time. This taught me that this company has to be the best. I love to learn. Becoming a subject matter expert is always the goal before Ii move on to something new. The opportunity for growth in this company is endless. This company also has great benefits that I can't overlook.”

    Director of Corporate Finance
    Stephanie T. found success along her career path as a Controller in the homebuilding sector and Accounting Manager in the automotive industry before landing at R+L Global Logistics. She joined R+L Global in the company’s infancy as Controller and has since risen to service as Director of Corporate Finance.

    “I knew I was coming into the ground floor of a newly formed company and wasn't certain about a career path,” Stephanie said.

    She certainly forged her way toward success. Starting on a new career path with a new company gave her tools for success. Stephanie knew a career at R+L Global would be a good next step for her for a number of reasons.

    “I knew it would use my management and accounting skills, it gave me the opportunity to be a major decision-maker and to design how I wanted an accounting department to be structured,” she said.

    Now after more than a decade, Stephanie has excelled with R+L Global.

    RYAN B.
    General Manager
    Driven by his interests in logistics, Ryan joined R+L Global with education in business and experience in the field. He moved across the country to join the company and hasn’t looked back since.

    Over his 16 year career, Ryan has grown with R+L Global. He’s served in Operations, as a Project Manager, an Operations Manager and currently as a General Manager.

    Ryan studied Business Management in college. This prepared him for full-time career success.

    “... The organization allows and expects the branch leaders to run their branches as if they were their own,” Ryan said. “So success is up to me and my leadership decision making. Works perfectly.”

    He is confident that sticking with R+L Global is the right decision for him. President Rob Bowman and Vice President Ian Morphy are confident in Ryan and his abilities, and it shows.

    “[Rob and Ian] presented me with an opportunity to further myself in the organization and use my knowledge and skill set to build on,” Ryan said. “There is really no better confidence than the President and VP of a company believing in you.”

    Write your own career success story. Identify your skills and make the most of your path to career success.

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