What are the Best Entry Level Jobs for College Graduates?

Congratulations, you’ve made it through a major milestone in life: graduating from college! You’ve set your graduation cap soaring in the air and now you’re on to the next big goal of finding a job. You’ve likely graduated with a degree in a specific field so you may have an idea of what you’re looking for but you still feel aimless. One thing you do know is you need an entry level job.

The best entry level job for college graduates will depend largely on the student’s major and area of interest. There are entry level jobs available regardless of your field of study so it’s simply a matter of deciding which road to take. You can choose to pursue a job within your Bachelor’s degree field or go after a position that is open to various degrees.

Entry Level Jobs for College Graduates with a Bachelors DegreeEntry Level Jobs for College Graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree

You’re not alone if you've recently graduated from college and sit at home Googling “entry level jobs near me” all day while scanning job sites like Glassdoor and Avenica. You’ve got a new, nice and shiny diploma that you’re dying to use and student loans to start paying, but something is holding you back - not enough experience.

Lack of experience is one of the most common problems after graduating from college. You may have worked a minimum-wage job, which is better than nothing, but that doesn’t give you much of an advantage in the professional workforce at a high-level position. Luckily, there are positions to fill that don’t rely on past professional experience. Here are the best entry level jobs for college grads based on your major.

Best Jobs for College Graduates with a Business Degree

A business degree is universal and can be applied to many different fields and positions. There are a few positions that rise to the top of best jobs for recent business graduates.

  • Sales Representative: One of the easiest jobs to get after college. A sales position is best filled by a people-person who is persuasive and can perform in a fast paced environment. Succeeding in sales is based largely on your relationship with customers, how you build relationships with potential new clients and being able to close on a deal. A successful sales representative position could turn into a long-lasting relationship with the company who would want to keep you and the profit you bring in.


One point that should be noted is that many sales representative positions have a different pay structure than typical office jobs. They can have a base salary, plus commission when you make sales, or could be entirely commission-based. If you’re confident in your selling abilities and you like working with people than this job would be a good fit. Large sales numbers generally equate to bigger dollars in your own pocket.

  • Financial Analyst: This is one of the most popular entry level jobs for business graduates as there are usually plenty of these positions available. Many industries utilize a financial analyst, like banks, insurance companies, security firms or financial investment firms. This role also enables you to gain experience with investing and stocks, which can be very beneficial in the future if you plan on going into business yourself. Other common majors for this job: Finance, Economics, Accounting.
  • Business Analyst: works within a company to identify and implement improvements in the business structure to help achieve goals. Business analysts can have multiple functions in countless industries. Job duties vary greatly depending on the industry and company but can include performing quality assurance, client support, increasing sales, account management, documentation and improving processes within the organization.

Having a business degree allows you to branch off into almost any type of specialty field you’re interested in. You can pursue any of these jobs, and many others, with your degree in business after college.

  • College Admissions Representative
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Management Consultant
  • Purchasing Assistant
  • Operations Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Assistant Buyer


Entry Level IT Jobs

More and more people rely on technology during their everyday lives, including industries and businesses adding more tech to their operating practices to improve performance and procedures. These entry-level positions can be a great starting base into your IT career and have some of the best starting salary jobs for recent college graduates.

  • Desktop Support Technician: This position covers a wide range of tasks related to setting up user accounts, formatting and setting up computers, and troubleshooting problems with computers. Plan on configuring, testing and troubleshooting network and wireless issues with a desktop computer if you plan on working for a company.


  • IT Support Specialist: Similar to a desktop support technician but deals more closely with setting up, installing and troubleshooting technology and software. A company may have you upgrading, servicing and maintaining all hardware and software within the company, which could include company smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktop computers.
  • Systems Analyst: Acts as more of a consultant with managers and staff to determine the IT systems needed for the company. They evaluate new technologies, review options to best optimize information processing, recommend new systems and oversee their implementation.


Computer Science Jobs for Fresh GraduatesComputer Science Jobs for Fresh Graduates

A closely related field to information technology but utilizes a slightly different skill set. IT jobs involve computer systems, operating networks and databases. Computer science has the sole purpose of using mathematical algorithms to program computers.


  • Software Engineer: responsible for developing high-quality software for a company, plus establishing requirements and designing product features, planning releases, and documenting, installing and training supports products. You must have coding capabilities, often in multiple areas (Javascript, HTML, CSS, C++). Other common majors for this job: Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology.
  • Software Developer: while software engineers create functional programs, software developers handle the entire development process of creating a new program. They provide project leadership and technical guidance while the software is being developed.
  • Web Developer: write, design, build and maintain websites for companies by working closely with an internal team to prioritize needs, develop content and identify solutions. They create website content then perform updates and handle any maintenance. Other common majors for this job: Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, Philosophy.


Best Marketing Jobs for College Grads

The marketing field offers a variety of good entry level jobs for college graduates with no experience. It helps that the marketing industry is broad and many majors fall under its spectra, such as international marketing, marketing, marketing research, actuarial or management science, business statistics and various other marketing-related majors.  

  • Marketing Coordinator: An all-inclusive position with a wide range of duties. The overall focus is to assist in long-term and short-term marketing goals and strategies. You may work with digital and social marketing, paid promotions and public relations, where you may coordinate events and represent the company. Other common majors for this job: Marketing, Communications, Public Relations.
  • Marketing Assistant: Provides administrative support, assists with marketing campaigns, collects data for marketing research projects and possibly creates invoices for marketing-related expenses. In addition, they could write web content and press releases so it helps to have editing and writing skills.
  • Marketing Account Executive: Develops relationships and accounts with business clients and potential clients. They help boost revenue and assist marketing managers with pricing products and classifying products in their appropriate category. It’s closely aligned with marketing strategies.
  • Marketing Analyst: Analyzes data from research and reports to gather the information that can help a company increase its profits. This is often done by using surveys from online, mail, focus groups, and phone calls. Also measures campaign performances and business decisions efficiency.


Best Jobs for College Graduates with a Psychology Degree

You have numerous options with a degree in psychology and can range from a private company to your own personal practice.


  • Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Counselor: You could be a behavioral analyst if you want to work for a bigger company or a psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor if you want to have your own business. Psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors are more involved with people on a personal level as they discuss ongoing issues with the patient. These three areas are good for those who like to connect and help people.
  • College Admissions Counselor: Along the lines of a private-practice counselor, a college admissions counselor specializes in helping students in an academic setting. This job is ideal if you enjoy being in a college or university environment. It involves mostly advising prospective students and recruiting and coordinating various admission activities.
  • Parole Officer: Psychology graduates can be an excellent choice for this role. It can be a fulfilling career if you like helping people turn their life around. A good parole officer helps offenders adjust to being back in society and adhere to their release terms. You can use your education to help offenders understand why they behave or respond a certain way, and how they can fix their thought process to change that.  

Jobs for English Majors with No ExperienceJobs for English Majors with No Experience

As with marketing and business degrees, English language and literature majors have many options when it comes to entry level jobs that don’t require experience.


  • Copywriter: Work with an internal team to communicate the company’s products and services with potential customers. Many businesses make use of a website or some type of online presence which requires written copy of marketing materials that intelligently informs the reader. In addition, they are used to edit and read already written copy, looking for errors or problems with the flow and logic of the written material.
  • Technical Writer: Closely related to a copywriter, but specializes in technical material from engineers, scientists, computer programmers and business leaders. They take the source material and translate it for the average reader in manuals, articles, and how-to guides.
  • Editorial or Publishing Assistant: Is employed by a publishing house, publication or literary agency. Editorial assistants read manuscripts and article ideas and then communicate them to writers on staff. Publishing assistants handle all of the administrative work within the publishing department such as preparing administrative reports, data entry work, preparing meeting minutes, and receiving and making calls.


Other Best Entry Level Jobs for College Grads

These might be more related to your area of education if you’re a new college graduate and don’t fall under any of the above majors.


  • Accountant or Auditor, Accounting Major: Accountants often work with tax forms and balance sheets in addition to assisting with financial reporting requirements and monitoring finances internally. They work in various fields and different individuals, companies and even government bodies. An auditor is related to an accountant in that they ensure the company’s finances are handled appropriately and propose ideas for decreasing financial waste in order to improve the current processes.
  • Freelance Journalist, Journalism Major: If you’re short on experience as a journalist, you can be a freelance worker for a local newspaper or magazine company. There should be many freelance positions available in larger cities and even small towns should have a local newspaper you can pursue. You can build your portfolio as a freelance writer to show future employers your writing style, experience level and work history.
  • Lawyer or Politician, Political Science Major: Like business majors, a political science major has several options. You could go right into politics and pursue new ideas for government and legislation or become a political journalist and write about local, federal, or world issues.


Alternatively, one of the most common entry levels jobs for college students with a political science degree is to become a lawyer, where you would start as an entry-level associate attorney. You work under head attorneys and do much of the background work, such as research, filing, discovery and court appearances.

Recent Graduate Jobs Open to Different Majors

Once you’re a college grad you could be having second thoughts about entering into the area you’ve spent years studying. Don’t feel pigeonholed if you want to explore your options or if you have your eyes on a job not necessarily in your field. These positions are a possibility for the listed majors:

  • Sales Associate: Business, English, Political Science
  • Research Assistant: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Teaching Assistant: Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Intern: Psychology, Finance, Economics
  • Administrative Assistant: Business, Psychology, Communications
  • Social Media Manager: Communications, English, Public Relations
  • Case Manager: Psychology, Nursing, Criminal Justice
  • Data Analyst: Mathematics, Information Technology, Economics
  • Engineer: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering
  • Lab Technician: Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry
  • Pharmacy Technician: Biology, Anthropology, Health Sciences
  • Substitute Teacher: Education, Liberal Arts, Music
  • Customer Service Representative: Criminal Justice, Sociology, History
  • Tutor: English, Spanish, Physics

Still Need Help Getting a Job After CollegeStill Need Help Getting a Job After College?

As you can see, there are a plethora of jobs after college that you can consider. It’s just a matter of what appeals to you the most at the time of your graduation. If you’ve been searching diligently but still aren’t sure how to find a job after college graduation, there are some additional steps you can take.

  • Network: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know! Use those you already know, like family, friends, neighbors, previous coworkers, or professors. If that doesn’t help, join and attend meetings held by local professional organizations that are in your field.
  • Be Proactive: Don’t wait to hear back once you’ve applied. You can follow up with your application after a week but if that doesn’t take you further in the job process, just keep applying and pursuing other positions.
  • Fully Utilize Multiple Job Sites: Glassdoor and LinkedIn are among the best jobs sites for recent grads. Glassdoor is a great resource to get background information on a company. To make the most out of LinkedIn, make sure your profile is 100% complete, connect with as many people as you can and take part in groups.
  • Visit Your Campus Career Center: You can take advantage of a campus career center if your school offers one. The professionals there specialize in college graduate careers and can help continue or even redirect your job search if needed.
  • Keep Expanding: Look beyond what your current requirements are for a job. This can mean searching in a different city or state or possibly looking outside of your college major. There are headhunters for recent college graduates that can cast a wider net than you alone. Always look for new steps to take if what you’re doing now isn’t working.
  • Do Market Research: If you have a specific job in mind, look up multiple jobs descriptions for the position and find the keywords and phrases that are most commonly used. You can then add those skills to your resume and cover letter. You can also look for companies that are big proponents of hiring college grads. Those companies are less likely to discount you based on experience because they know exactly what they’re getting.

It’s easy to get discouraged when looking for your first job out of college. One day this job stress will be behind you and you might even be preparing to be a first-time manager! Finding a job is challenging even if you’ve been in the professional workforce for years and have lots of experience.

Don’t get bogged down in trying to find the perfect first job either. Once you’ve landed your first entry-level job you’ll start accumulating experience and if you decide the job isn’t what you want, you can always search for something else. At that point, it may be easier to find the next position as you’ll have an idea of what you do - and don’t - want out of your future career path.


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