What is the Best Way to Job Search by Degree?

Figuring out what’s the best way to job search by degree can be a challenging task for new college graduates. Technology offers a variety of options to use in the quest to match your degree to a career.

Companies looking to hire for jobs based on degree qualification may utilize several tools to help accomplish this goal. Online job boards allow users to job search by degree while companies may post open positions for candidates to search for a job by major. This direct approach is seen by some as a way of weeding out those looking for a job that requires a degree in anything from the flood of applications.

So what’s the best way to job search by degree will depend largely on the career and the company looking to fill a position. We will take a look at the tools available to job candidates with a Bachelor degree in hand.

Online Job Search By DegreeOnline Job Search by Degree

The first place most people think to begin their job search is online. In some cases, the majority of the searches are conducted by those looking for a job requiring a degree in general. Although this may work for some, the majority of candidates will conduct their job search by the degree earned.

A number of search databases such as Indeed and Monster allow job seekers to filter results to apply to more direct openings. Many employers list openings that specifically say “must have a college degree” or “degree required.” However, the description for a number of positions may be vaguely written or open-ended when it comes to needing a degree. It is a strategy for some to see who will apply and skills they bring to the table.

Employers looking for candidates with a textbook list of skills and abilities will certainly pay close attention to the type of degree and work experience when reviewing applications. They may only select to interview a certain number of candidates that meet a very defined list of qualifications based on their degree. A word of advice to those conducting a job search by degree, highlight your education and skills especially if you obtained software certifications or other specialized training.

Navigating the online job search by degree can also be beneficial in a number of ways. Although at first glance it may appear to be restrictive, the results of open positions based on your degree may be surprising. However, some of the jobs related to your degree may not be located in the area you wish to reside in. This can present a challenge of whether to relocate or find something comparable based on degree and skills. It can be a tough call.

Career Networking

The lead for a job may come through a networking opportunity when you least expect it. Often times, industry groups will host mixers or other events as a way to offer training and showcase new systems or equipment. An overlooked and underutilized part of these sessions is networking.

Millennials have a couple of options to seize the chance to network as part of their efforts to job search by degree. First, use apps like MeetUp.com to find others with your degree who are talking shop. There will for sure be a discussion about jobs whether it’s a current one, last one or the next one. The new group you connect with may be the perfect connection to let you know about an available position at their company that is not found via an online database.

Another networking option is the social media platform LinkedIn which allows for professional connections and content. If you have listed a variety of qualifications in your profile or even your degree, employers can search for potential candidates.

Then there is the traditional way of just talking to people at industry gatherings or other functions. You never know; the person sitting next to you in a seminar may provide a job lead at the very company you are interested in. Or if you notice that someone in the job field you are pursuing will be a panelist at the event, try to make sure you meet them and share your interest. This usually leads to exchanging contact information and that’s your signal to follow up later. A company-sponsored entry-level program may have one more spot and now they have a potential candidate.

Networking often means thinking outside the box to create an opportunity. You can’t just rely on online job searches, you need to add networking to the mix.

Apply Direct

Some candidates believe that the best way to job search by degree is to go a little old school and just apply directly to a company. Yes, an online job search may be somewhat direct, however there may be some filters the user is not aware of that could boot them out of the pile. However, bypassing the online search and going directly to the company, either through the website or submitting your resume with a cover letter is not unheard of in the job market. Sometimes you have to be direct to move forward and start preparing for a phone interview

In fact, a well written cover letter directed at someone in particular may get you in the door before an online application has been processed through the system. Advice may be to direct your resume to a specific person you have networked with or connected with on LinkedIn. Some may be fearful of applying directly for a job, but sometimes if handled right, the bold move is successful.

Advice On CareersAdvice on Careers

In a competitive job market, those with a degree are facing tough odds to find a career. The list of best ways to conduct a job search by degree includes a mixture of online job searching, networking and direct applications. Although it may depend on the job and the industry, executing a variety of these options could work in your favor. The key will be to find which one works for you or create a balance of the methods to get a shot at a desired career. This does not occur just by happenstance, it’s a strategic effort that can take a bit to see the fruit of your labor.


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